"Frying Bacon" sound from 5e3

Lou Brush

I really like the sound of my 5e3 clone until I get it really cranked up. At that point, the nice breakup turns kinda nasty like bacon frying. I've experimented with power/preamp tubes and speakers with no success. Is this normal for a 5e3 circuit?

A friend suggested that I may have too much filtering in the first-stage capacitor (20uF - 500VDC) and also questioned the doubled capacitance to the screen grids (my 5e3 has some slight mods).

Any suggestions on removing the bacon from my 5e3 would be much appreciated.


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I'd need more details on what your hearing, but never in a million years would the 20uf cap cause any problem, much less a frying sound. Some people like that first cap to be 80-100uf, with no change except more tightness in your bass notes!

Without much info to go on, I'd guess:
1) speaker freaking out?
2) loose tube, resistor, solder joint, other part vibrating when the cab starts rocking?
3) Tube vibration?

These amps have a lot of bass, most likely something is getting vibrated when you crank. Get out your wooden chopstick and poke different parts/wires with your amp on and see if you can induce the noise. And don't kill yourself!

If that's not it, make sure your voltages are ok, and you don't have any voltage where you're not supposed to.

My $.02.


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Lets talk about what type of speaker you are using, and how old it is. It might be that you are pushing the speaker and its not broken in yet. I had a similar problem with my Orange ad30, When I got it I thought at some levels it sounded like glass breaking in the top end, it was very unmusical and just plain painful to listen too. Evenetually is smoothed out, but it happened again when I replaced the speakers with new ones.
How old is your speaker?

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Let's talk about what particular amp this is, who built it, and if it has ever worked correctly. It's impossible to comment without knowing these details.

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