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FS: Carbon Copy Delay V2, Gotoh Aluminium tailpiece with TP studs

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All prices are pp'd and shipped to the lower 48 using USPS priority mail.

Carbon Copy Delay. Seriously one of the best delays for the money. I actually have two of these so one has to go. No issues, velcro on back. 85.00 pp'd and shipped.

Gotoh aluminium tailpiece with tone pros locking studs. Great upgrade for US guitars. This will not fit Metric guitars. Both are nickel finished, great condition, the tailpiece was top wrapped for 2 years so minor string marks are on the rear of the tailpiece. I couldn't get them to show up in a photo very well, but I tried my best. 38.00 pp'd and shipped.

Cc delay gotoh tailpiece by wantsa58, on Flickr

Gotoh by wantsa58, on Flickr
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