FS: cheap pedals! Boss, TC electronic, Dunlop

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Would love to sell these pedals that are just sitting around. I will ship these pedals in a bubble wrap sleeve so I don't loose out on shipping costs unless we work out something else. Please hit me up with an offer.. I need to get rid of these!

Boss NS-2: $old

In decent condition. Few scuffs around the edges..

Boss DS-1: $old

Original owner. In mint condition. Comes with box. Pumpkins are included.

Boss BD-2: $old (not pictured)

This pedal is in rough condition cosmetically. It's being borrowed by a friend of mine so don't have a picture right now.

Tc Electronic Polytune (v1): $old

Original owner. In good condition. Has Velcro. Comes with original box and paper work.

Dunlop Crybaby Classic: $old

Has a scratchy pot. Functions perfectly regardless.

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