FS: Digital and Analog Delays <$100

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Mid 90's Boss DD3 digital delay. In good cosmetic condition and comes with velcro on the back. Pink label and the circuit board has the big square chip in it. Supposed to be better sounding than the newer production DD3s. $old

EHX Stereo Memory Man Reissue. This is a tough one. Great sounding analog delay for slapback but once the delay time goes past noon there is a weird whistling noise going on. Decided it wasn't really worth it to fix because I just used it for slapback anyways. Also the chorus on this sounds great. True bypass but the LED stays always on. I've used it for recording and live shows without any problems, but yknow, full disclosure. Priced accordingly. Comes with power supply and velcro on the back. $old

looking for a nice simple reverb pedal
maybe a Mini HoF, EHX Nano Holy Grail, or a Digitech RV7
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