FS FS/FA Russian PIO Capacitors For Guitar/Bass

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    Feb 16, 2008
    I have for sale NOS Russian Military stock Paper-in-Oil capacitors in values for guitar tone controls, etc.
    The prices range from $9.99 to $15.99 per pair. U.S. shipping is $2.75 for the first pair, and $.50 for each additional cap or pair. For Canadian customers, shipping has gone up greatly recently, it's $9.30 for the first pair and $.50 for each additional pair.

    I will also sell odd numbers of caps (1, or 3 for example) in any values.

    I have the K40Y-9 (silver) caps in these values:
    .015uf,.022uf in both 400 volt and 630 volt versions.
    .033uf, .047uf, and .01uf in other voltages.

    I also have the more compact K42Y-2 green caps, which are similar in construction except for the metal layer being a metallized coating instead of a metal film as in the K40Y-9 caps:
    .015uf and .022uf, 630 volt.

    TGP members can buy them directly from me and save $1.00 per pair less than Ebay price. Just click on my user name and send a forum message to tell me what you are interested in. Please wait for me to send a PayPal invoice before paying for orders.

    You can see my present stock at this link:


    Check out what I have in stock there, then to save the $1.00 per pair contact me through the Forum to order, or to ask any questions.

    I ship within one day of receiving payment.

    Thanks for looking! I have had many satisfied customers from this Forum.


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