FS FS/FA Russian PIO Capacitors For Guitar/Bass

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    Feb 16, 2008
    I have for sale NOS Russian Military stock Paper-in-Oil capacitors in values for guitar tone controls, etc.
    The prices range from $9.99 to $15.99 per pair. U.S. shipping is $2.95 for the first pair, and $.50 for each additional cap or pair. For Canadian customers, shipping has gone up greatly recently, it's $9.75 for the first pair and $.50 for each additional pair.

    I will also sell odd numbers of caps (1, or 3 for example) in any values.

    I have the K40Y-9 (silver) caps in these values:
    .015uf,.022uf in both 400 volt and 630 volt versions.
    .033uf, .047uf, and .01uf in other voltages.

    I also have the more compact K42Y-2 green caps, which are similar in construction except for the metal layer being a metallized coating instead of a metal film as in the K40Y-9 caps:
    .015uf and .022uf, 630 volt.
    Note: Temporarily out of pairs of .022uf green K42Y-2 caps. Will relist them when I get them back in stock. Still have .015uf.

    Also out of .022uf K40Y-9 caps in 400 volt version as of 12-21. I have plenty of the same silver caps in the 630 volt version, they are exactly the same but only slightly larger in size. Also have plenty of .015uf caps of the same type, in case you want a mixed pair that uses an .015uf for the neck position.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    TGP forum members can buy them directly from me and save $1.00 per pair less than Ebay price. Just click on my user name and send a forum message to tell me what you are interested in. Please wait for me to send a PayPal invoice before paying for orders.

    You can see my present stock at this link:


    Check out what I have in stock there, then to save the $1.00 per pair contact me through the Forum to order, or to ask any questions.

    I usually ship within one business day of receiving payment.

    Thanks for looking! I have had many satisfied customers from this Forum.


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