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FS: Fender Japan 50's Stratocaster - Sold

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I've been agonizing over this one a bit...trying to decide if I should sell this one or another, but I think that this one makes the most sense.

This is a really nice example of an early 90's (1992-1993) Fender Japan stratocaster. It looks like a Foto-Flame strat, but I can't for the life of me find mention of a Foto-Flame with maple fretboard anywhere. The initials inside the neck pocket and on the neck indicate that it's an ST-54. The neck has a really nice V profile (much harder V than my Jimmie Vaughn) and is really the best feature of this guitar. I'm terrible with wood identification, but I would guess that the body is basswood. The small vintage frets are in great condition with very little wear and the back of the neck is very smooth with no dents or dings. The body has a couple of minor marks with the most prominent being a rough/slightly discolored patch on the underside where the guitar would sit on a stand. I wouldn't guess that it had a nitro finish, but the patch looks like similar to how a nitro finish might react with sitting on a stand for a period of time. Will ship in the pictured HSC (original?)

Weight = 7lbs. 10oz

$550 $499 shipped in the continental US. Price includes PP fees as well. I am not interested in international sales.

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