FS-Fender John Mayer Black One Body

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    Apr 18, 2007
    Fender John Mayer Black One body $230 Paypal/Shipped. SOLD
    This is from one of the production models, 500 made. It is in Very Good condition, but in my opinion is a great candidate for a relic job. It has a few scratches on the front, but nothing major. The back has some scratches, a few dents, but no chips or finish missing. The neck was torqued down at the factory with too much torque and it pushed the neck plate into the finish. The finish is intact, but you can see the neck plate impression. No functional issues. I will include the neck plate with the stamped soecial edition serial number. The neck plate is slightly bent in at all four corners due to the over torqueing. It is a real nice weight, less than 4 pounds and will make a guitar that will be in the low 7 pound range. As an assembled guitar it had a great tone, very lively. Please send me your email for pics and I will send hi res picks.
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