FS: Fralin "Vintage Hot" Strat Pickup Set

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Fralin Pickups “Vintage Hot” Strat Pickups, with creme covers included.
Bass plate on bridge pickup gives 10 percent more lows for a fuller, more balanced tone.
Alnico V magnets, 42-gauge Heavy Formvar wire, cloth leads. All of our Strat replacement pickups come with reverse wound middle pickup for hum canceling in the #2 and #4 positions.
SOLD, no trades thanks.

“Our best selling set! This set is wound with 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire and has beveled magnets and cloth leads. The neck and middle pickups are average 50’s specs, while the bridge is as hot as possible with this wire. “

• Actual Ohm Readings:
• Neck - 5.73 K
• Reverse Middle - 5.78 K
• Bridge - 6.51K

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