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    Mar 12, 2006
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    It's a 1980s Fender Squier Stratocaster E-Series, Made in Japan.

    This guitar is probably for you if:

    -You're looking for a Strat that's a little different
    -You don't want to spend a ton of money
    -You aren't concerned with originality
    -You don't care whether or not your guitar says "Squier" on the headstock

    This guitar is probably not for you if:

    -You are a big weenie about originality
    -You demand to spend lots of money on guitars
    -You are interested in something that's original and collectible
    -You want your Stratocaster to look just like everyone else's Stratocaster
    -You aren't secure enough to own and play a Squier

    It features:

    -Upgraded pots and pickups:
    -Fully shielded pickguard and control cavities
    -Fender USA A5 pickups neck and middle
    -Fender USA Fat 50s pickup bridge
    -Newer* CTS full-sized master volume and master tone
    -Newer* Fender 5-way switch
    -Cloth push-back wiring

    *Newer = about a year old.


    More pics are on Reverb HERE See also: there is a silly video of the guitar being played in the listing.

    The fine tuners have been removed from the bridge and the string lock has been removed from behind the nut. The bridge is locked down, but it will fit a Wilkinson trem arm. I'll include the trem arm, the five remaining fine tuners, the back plate, and the string lock.

    As it is the tremolo can be used and the guitar plays like a regular Stratocaster. There is nothing mysterious or weird about it. It has a standard scale length and it strings up and plays like any other Strat.

    The frets have some wear but nothing serious. Great small-ish C-shaped neck. Fender Japan tuners. Decent finish with some dings and chips. Good action, great tones.

    Looking to sell this guitar for $300 shipped. Kinda firm on that. I might trade for a bass compressor (rack or otherwise), or a bass.
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