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FS/FT: BadCat Custom Shop 50w head...$1350 or trade for a brit amp PRICE DROP

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I've always been a British voiced amp guy (mainly vox types) but every so often I get the hankerin to try something more American. I saw this bad boy show up in the forum and pounced on it. It is one rip-roarin tone beast, but I am looking to get back to my roots. Mainly something with el84s I think (though i am not above more marshall, el34 voiced amps).

This is a Custom Shop Bad Cat Fat 50 (no NR) built in 2012.

I just replaced the power tubes with a fresh set of TAD 6L6GCs and rebiased to around 65%. Again, she roars like a lion.....an American lion.

I will sell for $1350 shipped or trade for a head of the British persuasion. The BadCat is in great shape!

Looking for:
Magic Amps
3 Monkeys
Jackson Ampworks
....whatever you would like to offer.

If you pay (or we make a deal) prior to noon, I can typically ship out the same day.

Thanks guys!

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