FS/FT: Ceriatone Matchless Spitfire clone

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Up for your consideration is a Ceriatone build of a Matchless Spitfire. The amp sounds incredible. Recently back from my local tech at Leading Tone who gave it a full look over and a good bill of health. He said it was one of the best clean amps he's ever heard.

Comes ready to go with a full set of tubes. All JJ's except for an unmarked 12ax7 in v2. It used to have a treble cut knob on the back, but I took it out of the circuit because I never used it.

The head box is homemade and is the same size as a Dr Z maz head. It's not perfect but is really solid.

Looking for $500 shipped to lower 48. Only trade I would consider is for a matchless lightning clone.

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