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FS/FT: Duesenberg Fullerton TV DC $Sold

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Got a Duesenberg Fullerton for sale. All stock. Only used in smoke free house and for recording. It has been totally babied. The neck has a very woody/airy P90 / single coil fender tone. Bridge cuts through the mix, has plenty of mids and mixes great for rock tunes. The bridge humbucker works fantastic with the volume knob for all your Gibson like needs. Full on overdrives an amp to the verge of breakup. Back off the volume for a more clean tone. The tremolo is much smoother than a Bigsby and the guitar stays in tune. The neck and frets are perfectly dressed and plays very smoothly. Includes the OEM Duesenberg hardshell case, which the guitar fits in like a glove.

Looking to get $Sold, but would trade for 1959 Supro 1624t, 2012 Fender Custom Shop 60's Stratocaster with matching headstock, Koll duo glide, Glaswerks SOD II, Merren made 68 Plexi, Bogner Cube 1x12, 4x10 cab, Celestion g12-65 heritage, EVM12L Classic (+/- $ where appropriate). Also might consider a Two Rock Jet, PRS DGT, Gretsch Custom Shop Penguin, Blackface fender showman, marshall 1965a cab or Gibson 2013 ES-330 / Luther Dickenson 335. Would like to use the sale to fund some of the things listed, but am interested in them anyway so let me know if you are looking to move anything listed.

If you see this ad the guitar is still for sale. More pictures available. May drive to Buffalo for the right deal to save on duties for any interested Americans.
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