Sold FS/FT: Eventide H9 MAX As New In Box- Want Mobius

Discussion in 'Pedal Effects Gear Emporium Archive' started by u12drag, May 21, 2015.

  1. u12drag

    u12drag Silver Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2006
    For Sale or Trade is my H9 MAX. It's never been registered and it is As New In Box with all the goods. Plastic is still on the screen, and it's never left the house/studio. Only been tested.

    I would like to trade for a Strymon Mobius + Cash. Potentially open to other pedals with Mobius. (Strymon Big Sky or Brigadier/Neunaber Slate/etc...)

    Will sell for $575 Shipped/Paypal.




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