FS/FT: Mini Morley Volume

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All in great condition with little to no wear and functioning 100%. I can send pics if you like. All prices are for paypal, shipped. Feel free with trade offers. I have a few potentials listed at the bottom.

Wilson Stoned Grasshopper: Traded
Awesome Fuzz Face, Overdrive and Clean Boost in one enclosure. Add a delay and you've got your grab and go board set.

Cmatmods Black Plague: Traded
One of the coolest Rat type distortions, this one as you may know was discontinued, but replaced by the Ratified. Same circuit, different name. Both sound like the best Rat you ever owned, plus a couple additional clipping options.

Boss CS-3: Sold
Mint, newer, CS-3. You know the drill.

Morley Mini Volume: $40
Optical volume, with adjustable LEDs and small footprint. Works great for a small board. No tone suck whatsoever.
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