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FS/FT: Telemaster, custom shop Mesa Stiletto Ace, Mesa 212

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Trying to shake things up a bit and get some new sounds in. I've got a bunch of gear I'd like to trade for other guitars. I'm open to adding cash for the right guitar too.

I'm within a few hours of the MPLS/ST PAUL metro area in WI. I also get around to Madison, WI as well a few times a month.

I don't mind "player" condition guitars as long as the neck had no dings, paint/clear wear is ok.

I'm primarily looking for: G&L (maple board ASAT Classic/Classic Custom/Bluesboy/Commanche), EBMM (Morse Y2D, Petrucci, H/H or S/S/H Silhouette - prefer the anniversary model), PRS (CU22/24), Heritage (H150, H170). I may be open to boutique guitars and Gibsons, thanks for looking.

2003/2004 USA Fender Telecaster ($750 trade value, sell for $650 PP gift/shipped) TRADED - made in Corona, CA, 8.5/10 costmetic condition, all stock except for 4 way switch wired for series/neck/parallel/bridge operation, some tiny dings around the back of the headstock, average fret wear for guitar this old but still plenty of life left (mostly around the G string), body is in excellent shape (a few minor scapes and scratches impossible to photograph), HSC included.
PICS: http://s172.photobucket.com/user/vangkm008/library/USA Tele?sort=3&page=1

Danny Hines Telemaster ($1,000 trade value, sell for $900 PP gift/shipped) TRADED - made in the USA by Danny Hines, 9.5/10 condition, besides being pre-owned this guitar is as mint as a relic'd guitar can be, light relic job, swamp ash body, Klein Limited (neck)/Klein Fatman (bridge), push/pull vol pot for cocked wah tones, soft V shape maple neck, maple board, nitro finish, Fender gigbag.

I would love to trade this guitar straight up for a G&L Classic/Classic Custom in a trans finish with a birdseye neck! Other G&Ls considered (Bluesboy, Commanche, semi hollow ASAT) but no interest in Tribute, ASAT Special models.

PICS: http://s172.photobucket.com/user/vangkm008/library/Telemaster?sort=3&page=1
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