FS/FT: Timmy, BYOC Vibrato BA662, Crybaby

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**Prices include shipping CONUS and PayPal**

Paul Cochrane Timmy V2 - SOLD
- Excellent condition. Velcro applied

BYOC Vibrato VB-2 Clone - $175
- Very well made VB-2 clone done by the BYOC guys. Features the now unavailable BA662 chip just like the original Boss VB-2s. Comes in the original box.

Dunlop Crybaby Wah - SOLD

Will trade for the following:

JHS Morning Glory
JHS SuperBolt
Don Mare S'Telly Neck pickup

Please, don't offer me anything other than what I'm looking for. I'm primarily looking for cash but I will trade for the items listed, and those items only. Thanks!!
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