FS/FT: TopTone DG-1 and Light Drive, Arcane Analog Buzzaround, Nine Volt Nirvana

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  1. gkelm

    gkelm Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2004
    DFW, TX
    Arcane Analog NKT213 Buzzaround
    - The ultimate Buzzy clone! Three NOS NKT213 transistors...and that wonderful tag board construction.
    $265 shipped/PP - RELISTED

    Top Tone DG-1 - SOLD
    Arcane Analog Buzzaround clone - SOLD
    Top Tone Light Drive - SOLD
    Nine Volt Nirvana Dinosaur Fuzz and Brontoboost - SOLD, thanks Joe!

    Will do package deals on these!
    Trade interests:
    Strat body/neck for a floyd project (vintage style)
    70s MXR script phase 90
    Maestro Phaser MP-1
    Polytune 2
    EHX B9 or C9 organ
    Landgraff OD






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