FS/FT: Upgraded Classic Vibe 60s Tele. $SOLD$

Discussion in 'Guitar Emporium Archive' started by GaryOsborne, Mar 14, 2015.

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    Jul 19, 2013
    $SOLD$. All I want is to clear $275 after shipping/fees so keep that in mind when considering making an offer
    Depending on where you are (I'm in Nashville), the shipping will be at least $40 and that's a conservative estimate

    ****Only trade i'd be into would be for a nitro finished Tele body. I would prefer it to be loaded with everything (hardware, electronics and pickups, etc). I could add cash for the right loaded body. Please don't offer any other trades as I'm not interested. I just bought a sweet Tele neck and I really need a body to put it all together.****

    Here's my upgraded Fender/Squier Classic Vibe Custom 60s Telecaster. Double bound alder body finished in three tone sunburst. It's pretty minty, I can't find a scratch on it.

    ***The previous owner swapped the stock bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Area T. The neck pickup was left in on purpose because there was no need to change it as it sounds great. The Dimarzo bridge pickup is great. Its completely silent and can do modern and classic country really well and also sounds great in a rock band. Sounds equally good clean or overdriven.
    ***I'm positive about the pickup but I'm pretty sure the pots, switch and jack are all new. I've never played an inexpensive Tele with electronics like this. The pots are tight and have a nice smooth and even taper, ideal for players who roll the volume and tone off a bit during songs.

    - Comes with run of the mill gig bag.
    - Comes with an unopened 10-pack of D'Addario 10s. That's 10 brand new sets of strings.





    This is a great guitar and I'm only selling it to buy a body to go with a neck I just bought so I can complete my partscaster (and hopefully my new number 1!)

    If you have any questions or offers feel free to text message or email me. If you feel like I'm asking too much just let me know what you can spend and we'll try to make it work. BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS

    Email me direct at: G.Osborne1987@gmail.com
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