FS: Fulltone FD-3, SUF '76, Boss CE-2, MIJ DD-3, Strymon

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Beginning to go through another pedal purge, photos coming soon. All pedals work great, sound good, just on the verge of wanting to start over.

Prices include shipping for CONUS. Will ship to Canada (just no tracking). I haven't sold any pedals this year/since the new feedback system went in place, been selling for a while here.

If you send me your email address, I can email you photos of the other pedals. It's taking me a while to get them on Photobucket.

  • Fulltone Fulldrive 3, Super shape w/box, I'd almost say like new, serial number #32. $245 TRADED
  • Boss CE-2, I'm not positive if this is a MIJ or MIT, has the ACA voltage input, some wear, $110
  • SUF '76 version, updated per Clint's feedback, it has the silver sparkly finish, SUPER shape w/box. $215 TRADED
  • Strymon Flint, great shape w/box, $265 SOLD
Trade values slightly higher

Trades: I'm looking for a Panda Context, BS/SS F***K Mountain or in the F**K family, Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe, XTS Preamp
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I have a JHS Bunrunner that I'll trade for your flint and I'll pay for shipping on both pedals

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