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Sold FS Jeff Senn Blackguard


For sale is this *2009/2010 Jeff Senn Blackguard. Awesome guitar. My favorite of the four Senns I’ve owned (2 Pomonas and 2 Fullertons)! Asking $1900 shipped and paypal-ed. Sold! If you’re local or want to wire me the funds we can find a price to reflect that.

How does it feel? Effing awesome. So easy to play. It’s got that great string tension that is really elusive. Makes it easy to bend with accuracy and control. The neck is heavenly. It’s huge but extremely comfy. Body is very lightweight. (See specs below.)

How does it sound? Gorgeous and diverse. Extremely musical upper harmonics. Big, bright and metallic on the wound strings, glassy and pretty on the high strings. It can be played aggressively or gently and it responds beautifully. Punchy, snappy, etc… It’s got the traditional bridge tele sounds but a whole lot more, too.

Everything about this guitar is awesome. It’s a special one.

*The neck and body are from two different Senns (the previous owner had several Senns and swapped to find his favorite marriage!) I have the serial number info for both neck and body. PM me if you want it.

I’m selling because I recently acquired a wonderful vintage Tele. I’ve got to offset the cost a bit.

Weight: 6.36 lbs
Neck profile: Chunky C
- 1st fret: 31/32"
- 12th fret: 1 1/32"
Neck radius: 9.5 or 10 (not 100% sure but feels more like 10 to me)
Frets: jumbo - I believe 6105
Nut width: standard (1 5/8”)
- Neck: Lollar Vintage
- Body: Lollar Custom
Pickup Selector: 5 way:
- pos 1: bridge 6.4k
- pos 2: neck + bridge (6.4k)
- pos 3: neck
- pos 4: neck + bridge (8.4k)
- pos 5: bridge (8.4k)
Set up with 10s.

Includes COA and hard shell case.

One of the case latches is broken. It came to me that way. Also, the switch tip has been purposely bent by Jeff at the request of the previous owner. This prevents accidental pickup position changes.

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Lots of interest but no one has the cajones yet. This is an AWESOME guitar. It's a no-brainer. Let's do this!


Nice guitar.

A little new to GP...I'd like to make an offer; excuse my ignorance but how do you PM?


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I admire your choice. Talk about inspiration! Duke Levine is an all time genius with the tele. It's like a waterfall of notes, so fluid and natural. No harshness ever, beautiful. And his bends are so crazy SPOT ON, it defies my eyes what my ears hear.


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