FS: Lots of Parts (necks, pickups, etc.)

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Strat Pickguard – 5
Genuine Fender Pickguard - $15 (HSS Configuration)
Roller Bridge - $7
Seymour Duncan Custom Hybrid humbucker - $40
Dimarzio Area 61 pickup - $40
Squier telecaster body project - Has chip in bottom section $40
Mexican Stratocaster maple neck –needs some fretwork to relieve some slight sharp edges along the edge of the neck (not sure the terminology) has VERY slight bow in neck at 3rd fret according to my tech but I have never noticed it. $100
Standard Telecaster bridge with offset saddles - $6
Bigsby Vibrato B5 – with box and screws and washers - $100
Stratocaster wiring harness - $20
Fender Telecaster Maple neck – Excellent neck from a Modern Player Plus but feels awesome – Includes Fender back plate and screws - $SOLD

let me know if the link doesn't work. The firewalls at the office are tough to navigate. Thanks for looking!
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