FS - Mesa Boogie Lone Star Classic Short Head

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Mesa Boogie Lone Star Classic 50/100w - Short Head

- $1050 SOLD

- Excellent clean condition with zero issues. Just rich, thick tones. Takes pedals extremely well.

- I took the reverb unit out because I prefer pedals and wanted to allow more air flow through the bottom of the cab (where the reverb unit sits). The reverb itself is in perfect working condition. I simply misplaced the screws which is why it is not screwed back onto the amp. They are common screws that you can get from a hardware store.

Edit: I had some people asking me questions about the reverb so just wanted to address it for everyone - I've had zero issues when the reverb was in the amp (I've had it in there a few months before removing it). I take my reverb out of all my amps, even combos, because I never use it and greatly prefer pedals for the way I use reverb. May be a weird thing but I don't like having things around that I don't use and I never really cared for the noise a reverb pan makes when you transport it in the car. I felt it was nicer that I was getting more air flow but that was not the main reason why I removed the reverb.

- Recently Re-tubed with Mesa 6L6 Tubes

- Weber Copper Cap 5U4 Rectifier

- Includes another new pair of Mesa 6L6 Tubes

- Owners Manual

- Footswitch w/ bag

- Studio Slips Clamshell Gig Bag - Double Padding, Leather strips on bottom



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Would you be interested in a trade for a Mark V that was purchased in October of last year from Sweetwater/Jeff's music. I would need an amount of cash on your end. I have $1500.00 in the Mark V. I have had several Lonestars and want to set another rig using various pedals and a small box Lonestar. My references are on Ebay, suzuki211. Please advise either way!

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