FS:Mission Amps 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

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Mission Amps Tweed Deluxe SOLD in excellent condition. One of the most highly acclaimed 5E3s. Top quality parts and engineering. This one was impeccably built and hand wired by Gear Page member bgood, who I purchased it from. Birth date 3/22/2008. Looks brand new. It never left my smoke free house. Info below:


I am including all NOS made in America tubes - GE 5Y3 rectifier, 2 brown base Raytheon power tubes. RCA 12AX7, GE 12AY7 and Sylvania 12AU7. The normal preamp tubes used are AX7 and AY7. If you want more clean headroom, use the # 2 input and the AY7 and AU7 (to a point folks. Once you get past 5 on the volume it's still a classic 5E3).

The Weber 12F125 20 watt speaker is the perfect match for this amp. To my ears, it's the closest you'll come to an old Jensen P12Q. But wait! I'm including an old (1968) CTS alnico speaker, a P12Q equivalent, for the classic woody honky midrangey sound. Not as loud or as much low end as the Weber, but if you want authenticity, this is it.

The kit and superb solid pine, lacquered cab would cost you $800. Assembled, it would cost another $299. A Victoria or Clark 5E3 would cost you megabucks (~$2K).

I'm selling this one for SOLD o.b.o. PayPal'd and shipped.

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