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Rivera RockCrusher, one of the best attenuators on the market, IMHO.
Totally transparent, works with 8 or 16-ohm outputs up to 120 watts. Also can be used as a load-box for recording without a speaker cabinet. Built like a tank!
In excellent condition, less than 10-hours of use. I sold the amp I was going to use this with, so it is essentially brand-new.
You might notice some plastic plugs in a few of the jacks, these can be removed easily. I had them in there to prevent me from plugging into the wrong jacks in low-light situations.
Sells for $500 new. PayPal'ed and Shipped in the CONUS for $400. No trades, thanks.

Place the RockCrusher between your amp and speaker cabinet and you'll be able to crank up the tone on your amp while keeping your volume down. The RockCrusher's reactive load network is constantly maintaining the proper relationship of impedance and inductive/capacitive reactance. In guitar-speak, that means that the RockCrusher lets you push your amp to its limits while keeping your volume down. On stage, you'll be able to keep stage volume down for better monitoring and overall sonic clarity. In the studio, you'll be able to record the tone you want without creating bleed into other mics - or your neighbor's house.

The RockCrusher also serves a dual purpose as a load box. Tube amps interact with the impedance load that a speaker cabinet puts on the amp's output - if you plug into your amp and just hook the amp's output to a recording device, you won't get the tone you expect. By hooking up the RockCrusher to your amp's speaker outputs, it interacts with your amp to provide the true tone you're looking for. Perfect for recording studios of any size.

The RockCrusher is built with 16-gauge welded steel and industrial grade components, making it as capable on a world tour as it is in your studio. If you play a tube amp, and want the ability to get killer tone out of it at reasonable volumes, the Rivera RockCrusher is a must-have.

• Superior natural tone balance at any level
• Selectable 8- and 16-ohm capability
• Reactive internal network for true amplifier/load interaction
• Immense thermal capacity ensures cool running and long life
• Tight impedance tolerances
• XLR and unbalanced line outputs with level control
• Low- and high-frequency equalization selection
• Load box and attenuator function up to 120W RMS capacity
• Enormous and robust internal components
• Full bypass capability with no insertion loss




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