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Barely used and in fully functioning condition. I only bought this to use as a tuner out and strengthen my signal. I no longer need it as many of my pedals are already buffered. There's no velcro on the pedal. Here's a description for Saturnworks:

Need to split your signal? Many players first reach for Y-cables, but quickly learn that simply splitting a standard (high impedance) guitar signal can kill your tone and cause signal loss. Putting a buffer before the split is better, but that setup still has the issue of crosstalk--meaning the level of one side of the split affects the level of the other side.

The Saturnworks buffered splitter is the best way to keep your tone strong and clear and to eliminate crosstalk. The Saturnworks buffered splitter isn't just a single buffer followed by a signal split. The "dual" in the Saturnworks dual active splitter means that this pedal takes one input signal and splits it into two discreet buffered outputs. Each output has its own buffer. It's like having two buffers built into one pedal. This keeps both signals strong and eliminates crosstalk between channels.

The Saturnworks buffered splitter pedal is hand crafted and bench tested in the USA with quality components including a solid cast-aluminum enclosure and heavy-duty Neutrik brand jacks. It is powered by a standard 2.1mm 'Boss' type adapter. A bright LED indicates that the buffer is powered and working. At 3.5"x1.5"x1" the Saturnworks buffer pedal is also very compact.

SOLD shipped (ppg is preferrable. My references are good, but if regular pp is more comfortable, make it 33.00)
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