FS: TC Electronic Flashback X4

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I'm basically selling everything and starting fresh!
All of the pedals have fuzzy velcro on the bottom.
Unless stated otherwise, all pedals will ship with the factory box.

Prices reflect shipping to the CONUS.
I'm ok with PayPal Gift if you are--otherwise just plop on the 3%

Boss SD-1 Super OverDrive :: SOLD
The TS-9's asymmetrical cousin. MXR(?) knobbies.

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner :: SOLD
"Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is" - Wiz Khalifa

MXR Classic Overdrive :: SOLD
Produced for Guitar Center. It's apparently discontinued and rare now. A great tubescreamer pedal. The box for this is MIA.

MXR Carbon Copy :: SOLD
A great, simple analog delay with great tones. Most likely to be missed, just like its box. Silver metal knobbies.

Paul Cochrane The TIM V.2:: SOLD (DI Box not included)
It's an amazing thing, but I don't use the boost channel nor do I use the effects loops. There's a wee paint chip on the front of the pedal (see pic), and if you're concerned about that I'll coat it in clear nail polish prior to shipping to curb your fears....especially since this one doesn't have the box. New metal knobbies.

Planet Waves Pedal Tuner :: TRADED
Built like a tank, cool chromatic circle thing. Includes the faux-leather sleeve/case/thing, but no box.

TC Electronic Flashback X4 :: SOLD
Pristine, with new metal knobbies.

TC Electronic Nova Repeater :: TRADED
No fancy knobbies. Wall-wart supply is MIA.

T1M Mini Buffer :: SOLD
You already know if you need (want) one or not. Sat on a shelf longer than it was used because my rig didn't need it. No box.

T-Rex Engineering Tap-Tone Delay :: SOLD
Produced exclusively for Guitar Center along with the Crunchy Frog. Tap-able 1/4th note delay with an edgy "bite" knob.

Not really interested in trades at the moment, but PM me anyway!
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