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Up for sale, some outstanding stuff. If you would like pictures please pm me an email address and email them to you. Trades I'm looking at are a Strymon Deco, also possibly a looper, you're welcome to inquire with any thing though. What I do not need is any dirt or delay. Prices include shipping anywhere in the US or Canada, and I'm happy to ship anywhere in the world modifying price to reflect shipping.

Rivera Sustain Shaman: SOLD ($210)
Excellent compressor with 2 foot switchable settings, mix and tone control. No velcro ever applied. Comes with box and manual.

Free the Tone Flight Time Delay (with momentary switch): Traded
Phenomenal digital delay with a ton of filter and modulation options. The sound is incredible. Never had velcro attached, and in mint condition. I am also including a boss momentary switch and cable to take advantage of the hold function.

Strymon Mobius: SOLD ($410)
Mint condition, with box and power supply. No velcro has ever been applied to it.

MXR Carbon Copy Bright: SOLD $110
Brand spankin new. It has a lovely sound to it, very tape-ish, but I didn't bond with it. Not dark enough for me (I know...I know).

Neo Instruments Ventilator 2: SOLD ($390)
Mint condition, no velcro. Comes with box, manual, and power supply. So good I have 2, but don't really have a need for a second one.

Bogner Harlow (Bubinga): SOLD ($190)

Excellent boost/compressor. Demo'd and returned to box, might as well be new.

MXR Phase 100: SOLD ($85)
In great condition but velcro is attached to the bottom. Comes with box and paperwork.
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