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FS: Timmy, Barber, EQD, PTD Trombetta, Wren and Cuff, XAct Tone Solutions XTS, Dunlop

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Surf Green Timmy V2 $140
You know it. You love it. Great all around pedal.

Barber Dual UnLTD $150
Limited run dual pedal with tons of gain and great note separation.

Earthquaker Devices Zap Machine V2 $265
Limited run of 350 pieces. Can get a ton of different od/boost/fuzz styler tones.

Paul Trombetta Design PTD Donita $190

Really great sounding fuzz pedal with a momentary switch for a feedback. Gives some really cool pitch shifting effects. Very few of these made.

Wren and Cuff Your Face 60's - $150
Great sounding fuzz face sounding pedal. Awesome build quality.

XAct Tone Solutions XTS Tejas Boost - $125

Great boost/light OD pedal with a very good EQ

Dunlop Zakk Wylde Wah Pedal - $60
Cool wah pedal that I received in trade. I just don't use wah that much, and I am set with my Clyde.

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