*** FS: Vintage 1965 Supro Model 24 amp / Dual-Tone Tremolo, 6973 tubes, 12" Jensen

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Selling my vintage 1965 Supro Model 24 amp with 6973 output tubes, and original Jensen C12Q speaker. I believe this is the model that the new Supro company just reissued... well, here's your chance to get an original one.

A few replaced caps and resistors here and there, but it runs well and sounds wonderful. I believe the handle is a replacement, and it has a 3-prong grounded power cord for safety.

Original transformers.

For clips of a similar amp, listen to the first Led Zeppelin album and Stairway To Heaven solo. :eek:

*** SOLD ***
Asking $1375 shipped/paypal'd.
*** SOLD ***

--> Here's a cool PDF article written by Dave Hunter on the Model 24 amp.


Pics below are from the seller I bought it from two years ago... It looks the same now, but I'll take some fresh ones soon. These were taken with the old power cord (which I have and will include).

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