Fulltone Fat Boost first version - worth $75?


I've always read there is something special particularly about the very first version of this pedal (with the input gain as the small center knob). People say it can be used as a slightly dirty OD as well as a fattening boost. But, prices still don't seem to be as favorable as other out-of-production Fulltones.

I can pick one up for $75. I'm wondering if it's worth trying (I'd try to run it as a dirty tone rather than a straight boost). What say you guys?


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I just picked up one of these as well. I had one when they were first released and over the years have had the other versions. I've always felt the original had a little something extra over the other models.

You can set it up as a slightly dirty od and fattening boost. I can't wait to play it at gig volumes.
I sold an Aluminum Falcon and picked this up and don't regret it at all, I just do not get along iwth Klon style boosts.


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I've been wanting one forever and the prices are great so I don't know what's taking me so long. I had the FB3 and liked it well enough, hopefully I'll like the original better, whenever I finally try it that is.


I have one & have no plans of getting rid of it. It's great for an almost-clean boost, or a bit more hair. Pushes other drives well. Definitely worth trying it out for 75 bones.

PS, it sounds great as a preamp for an acoustic guitar that's a bit thin.

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