Fulltone FD2/Catalinbread DLS First Gig Impressions


Okay for all of you that have owned your FD2 for a long time please forgive me.

I just thought I would post my experience with my FD2 and my DLS on my pedal board at the first gig (for the pedals).

HOLY SMOKES...wish I would have arrived at this combo sooner. The FD2 was warm, rich and articulate. I was really pleased using both my strat and my Les Paul with this pedal. I play blues/blues rock and the FD2 delivered everytime I punched it in.

The Catalinbread DLS - just can't say enough good about this one. I use a two amp rig (Egnater Rebel 30 112 combo and Super Reverb Reissue) but the DLS gets used with the Super. I am so happy with the lower gain "JTM"-like setting on the DLS. It's so defined and glassy and reacts so well to pick dynamics that I had a tough time not wanting to use that pedal all night.

For anyone with a Super Reverb (vintage or reissue), that's looking for an excellent Marshall type tone, I HIGHLY recommend the DLS. Even my bass player and drummer (who NEVER hand out compliments on my tone), told me several times how much they liked it. It easily covered everything from Gary Moore, to The Faces and ZZ Top.

One humorous note - the articulation and transparency of the FD2 and the DLS are so incredible that all the shortcomings in my playing are no longer hidden in the tone that I had been getting from my tubescreamers and Drivetrains. The tubescreamers and Drivetrains are great pedals and I'm sure I will put them back on the board one of these days, (well the Drivetrains anyways), but for now, I am totally digging what's going on.


I used to run the dls as a lead pedal into my bad monkey. Kind of opposite of its intentions, but it worked great


BYOC ODII > Comp > DLS for me. The DLS loves to be boosted by the boost side of the ODII.

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