Fulltone Gold Cables--my surprising experience


Took my first foray into the world of "high-end" cables and ordered a pair of 10' straight plug Fulltone cables. I had read the comments here and the HC reviews and the price seemed right. My cable experience has been limited to cheapo curly cables, Carvin low capacitance cables and a lower price Planet Waves and I was long a sceptic about the whole high-end cable phenomena.

I got the Fulltones today and tested them against my Planet Waves and boy was I ever surprised!!! Compared to the PW, both Fulltones seemed muffled, yielded lower output, and their low end and top end seemed less pronounced than the PW. To their credit the Fulltones sounded bigger in the mids but I was still surprised by how much I liked the PW's bass response and treble response more. I could really hear the difference while palm muting and pinch harmonics came off effortlessly with the PW. The guitar I was testing the cables with is an original Junior and this one is on the warmer side of the tone spectrum. Also the amp was an older TM10, so obviously not the best amp to test cable nuances.

Tomorrow night I'm giving the Fulltone's a "real-world" test at church, but my initial experience has frankly left me puzzled--did I score a bad pair of new cables? Are they all wrong for the type of guitar I'm using? I was expecting a discernible improvement over the PW in output and clarity but apart from the fuller midrange of the Fulltones my ears much preferred the PW.
Sorry to hear man. Never tried the cables but that stinks, hopefully it was just a bad pair. Just to give the company the benifit of the doubt.


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They are a bit dark to my ears. Mike hates the sound of George L's, so not suprising the Golds would be very different sounding.

If you're looking for something clearer the DiMarzios are a good choice, though if the Planet Waves sound good maybe you already have the right cable.


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i've 2.

I pair them with Bill Lawrence (those are in the board)

But i will be killed here at TGP for saying this:

Today i talked to one of the best builders and tech in the USA.
I won't know names or who they are.
I told him about a little problem i am having with my guitar and he recommended me to go down to a guitar store and to buy a cheap 20 dollars cable.

He explained why, but it was too long to explain here and i understand some things now.


I watched a Scott Henderson interview where he said that no only does he use shorter (10') cables but that boutique cables tend to have a higher capacitance that actually robs tone more than cheaper cables. However, I am currently using the new Fender Premium Platinum Acoustisonic Cable and I can tell a difference from the Planet Waves cables I have been using. The PW cables did have more high end but at the expense of the bass/mids. The Fender cable seems more like a 3-band eq enhancing lows/mids while smoothing out the top end to be more in line with the rest.

For what it's worth!


i too ordered a 10 foot. i found the treble to be very dark. strong mids and bass. but the highs were too "dead"


To each their own I guess, I liked the Fulltone cables a lot more than the Planet Waves.

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