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fulltone minideja vibe versus earthquake devices the depths

mini deja vibe or earthquake devices the depths

  • fulltone mini deja vibe

  • earthquake devices the depths

  • splurge for the drybell vibe machine

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david henman

Senior Member
i have an opportunity to purchase either of these pedals second hand - same price

the youtube clips say "buy the mini deja vibe"

what say you, vibe enthusiasts?


ive played the deja vibe and its great- ive never played the earthquaker but honestly all the extra knobs are a huge turnoff to me. i much prefer simple, great sounding pedals.

as soon as ive got an extra $150 or so im going to buy a deja vibe used.

Heady Jam Fan

I've owned the Fulltone and Wilson.

I found the Wilson to be Phasier, which some people like, especially if they find the Deja to subtle.

Vibe is my favorite modulation, but I also find it finicky. The contemporary vibes aren't as warm and chewy as vintage ones, but rather kinda scooped (too bright at the top of the sweep and too dark at the bottom), they are also big and can be noisy. I think the bulb makes them less durable than other modulation. I sold my vibe pedals for an MXR Phase and I'm definitely happier.


Senior Member
I've had the Fulltone for a few years and love it. Just wish it was smaller, but the sound is too good to get rid of it.


I have the Depths. I love it but it is "voiced" quite oddly i think. Deffo try before you buy.


I voted the for the third option. I love the Drybell for many reasons. Like the Fulltone, it has a switch for vintage or modern, and it has an expression pedal input. Like the EQD, it has a small footprint. Like both, it has photocells. What the Drybell has over the other two(as far as I know), is a symmetry control, which I love. Also, I like how the symmetry and volume controls are trimpots. That way, you can "set it and forget it".
You can't go wrong with any of the three, but I think the Drybell is worth the extra cash.

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