Fulltone OCD..I don't get it.


If you do the volume up gain down thing on the OCD, it breaks up more and more as you hit the strings harder and harder. I had one for years before somebody on here pointed it out. Play soft and you’re clean , dig in and you’re dirty.


I sold my OCD years ago and (haven't looked back on it until recently). I've always been a tube screamer guy, and OCD always came off as harsh to my ears.

But I've recently been using the Line6 HX Stomp and HX Effects, which have an OCD emulation. It sounds like the real deal from what I remember. You can choose between OCD v2 and v4 models. Anyway, I'm really enjoying that patch, and thinking about re-buying the real deal (when I can decide between v2 and v4).


I've gigged with mine for 5-6 years...I think it's a 1.7 but not positive. I play strat / tele single coils and used to play with tube amps before going with a Quilter Aviator (SS) about 3 years ago. I'm not much of a pedal flipper...I tend to keep what I buy and the OCD has stayed on my board unlike some of my other dirt pedals. It's part of my base sound and is usually on because it cleans up well when I turn down guitar volume and/or reduce attack. I run it in 'HP' mode with V=9:00 / D=11:00 / T=10:00. I have a fuzz running into it that I occasionally kick in. I run a compressor after which is always on. Great rock tones out of this pedal for me.


I tried the OCD when it came out, amid all the hype, and was completely underwhelmed. I didn't get what the appeal was, it was pretty ho hum. Like a car with low horsepower. What's the fuss?

The last couple of years, I've noticed a couple of friends were using them and they sounded pretty good. So I bought an Eno Trouble, an OCD clone and loved it. If I buy a clone pedal, if I like it, I'll purchase the real thing. So I bought an OCD v1.4.

My pedal is far from muffled and dark. This version seems to have less low end, which I think I prefer. I noticed it seems to have less output but it's a non issue. Just turn it up. More than enough output.

Like my Suhr Riot, the real thing has more note definition and less mud than the clones. They are close but I hear and feel the difference, the only opinion that matters. So I was quite a bit late to the party but glad I'd finally arrived. Love it.
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V1.2 and V1.3 are totally different, but hands down the best OCD variants. The V1.2 is one of the best MIAB's and the V1.3 has one of the sweetest voiced OD tones and kills as a boost.

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