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Fulltone OCD V1.4 question


I have the latest version OCD and noticed that it has a 100k volume pot instead of the standard 500k. It even has 100k written in ink after the builders signature. Is this normal or a custom order? The pedal sounds great, just curious.


This is their newer release and the reason for the pot is to make the output impedance match better with following pedals. Problem I heard with it is the 1.4 is way too trebly because of that. The mod I do for OCD's and Eternity's allow the pedal to sound how it always does without any other pedal affecting the original tone and not sounding like a buffer is after it. With them lowering the pot value and a few other components, other pedals don't affect it noticeably as much as they used to, but it is a tradeoff and really a bandaid as it makes it (to me!) sound like the worst OCD model yet.

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