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Fulltone says the results are in....


The gents at "That Pedal Show" released a video comparing an OCD V2, CS-OCD-Ge, and an older OCD V1.7. By the YouTube comments, forum posts, OCD sales, and emails, it seems that people overwhelmingly prefer v2 to the v1.7 and it's clear that everybody loves the Ge. See the video here.

Personally, I thought people preferred 1.7 over the 2


OCD v2 is good; but it's anything but an OCD. He should've named it something else, but I guess that defeats the point of capitalizing on the name.

I haven't tried anything earlier than the 1.7 but I swear by it.


They clearly liked the 1.7 and even on a youtube video you could hear that it was more dynamic and musical.

I've never used an OCD, but this is the most effort I've put into knowing anything about it (yeah this one video) and it sounds ok I guess.

The most interesting part was the buffer stuff and the input impedance stuff, which I don't understand but can hear.

But I'm sure he made those changes for a reason, and probably for sales. Maybe to make the OCD sound better with single coils or something, I have no idea.


Why did he ditch the 1.x series? Seems like he should bring it back alongside v2.0 and see which reigns supreme.

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Mike Fuller, if you are reading this, the 2.0 totally sucks. Even TPS thought so. V1.1 was the best. V1.2 and V1.3 were really good as well. V1.7 is decent. V2.0 is embarrassingly bad. We all know it.
Yup...pretty sure he knows he didn’t ever need to past the very first version, it was perfect. Although 1.2 is excellent too...the rest, meh. But he’s made a lot of $$ with all the diff. versions, if nothing else a pretty smart businessman.


Why are there 10,000 versions of the same pedal?

doesn't exactly inspire buyer confidence.
How many versions does it take to lower your confidence?

king of tone is on v4
Snouse has a black box 2 but there is more than one version of that
Who knows how many versions of Big Muffs there are?

Big in Japan

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As much as I’d love to hate with the rest of y’all, 2.0 sounds and feels best to me in front of all of my amps. I’ve owned all of the OCDs except 1.6 and Ge. I’d agree that 2.0 is the most different; but it’s still clearly an OCD, and a good one at that.
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The OCD sold in vast numbers, maybe even surpassing the venerable Fulldrive. The pedal might have needed a change. The market is getting saturated, and there's much more competition than 20 years ago. Think about Earthquaker devices (started in 2004) and Walrus Audio (should be about 10 years old) and many others. Mike Fuller probably wants to stay relevant in an increasingly crowded field. I like the OCD V2. Personally I prefer slightly the earlier versions but the V2 is a fine stompbox. It's not my business, but if I had a say I would reissue an earlier version under the "classic" or "vintage" moniker.

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