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How do the diffrent Fulltone vibes compare? I have heard from some that the Gold Deja's are fuller than the mini's and also that they are thinner, whats everyone think? I have a mini, but a guy I know with a Gold Deja and a Deja 2 is selling everything so I wanted to get the scoop on them all...
I do however like the way the Deja2 is layed out, but heard there is a volume drop.
Whats the real story?


I wouldn't necessarily call the gold Dejas thin. I played 4 or 5 of them over the course of several months, maybe even a year. They had more of a midrange emphasis with less bass. I remember them being more subtle; not so dramatic. Compared to several earlier versions, I recall having to set the intensity control higher to achieve the same level of effect. The voicing of the gold Dejas didn't make me wanna say "Bridge of Sighs." The overall sound didn't strike me as being very swampy either.

Don't have any Deja 2 experience; however I did toy with 2 mini Dejas on 2 separate occassions. The minis sounded like an old black painted Deja. More bass and a swampier vibe...sounded more like "Bridge of Sighs." I dig that sound, so I like them better than the gold ones I played.

You know, when it comes to comparing pedals, it's really a moving target. There could be many variables that would explain the differences everyone hears. Some builders love to experiment and tweak their designs. If there's a shortage in their regular supply of components, they might even substitute a different brand. In the case of Deja Vibes, some may have dimmer light bulbs or perhaps there could be a discrepancy with matching photo sensors, or maybe it's how the internal trim pot is set, etc. We need to realize there are exceptions for everything. Nothing's cut in stone. All gold Deja Vibes may not be built the same way. The same goes for the other versions too.


It sounds like you may have a chance to do so - so why not try both and see what you think?

I have a gold, and I A/B'ed it with a mini. I expected to like the mini more, but I didn't. I found the Gold to be warmer and thicker, so I stuck with that.


I have a DV2 and find that there is a volume drop. Having it in front of my fuzz messes with my tone as well. I am waiting for a MDV-2 with a volume control on it. I've seen pictures of later DV-2's than mine that look like he added a knob(possibly a volume pot?) to the side of the case which would probably make me happy with the DV-2. I don't know why he left it off in the first place, but the sound quality is great - just not what I was wanting.

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