Fun in the bedroom: Vox AC4TV


picked up one of these to try it out as it was reasonably priced. Really had no expectations. Adjustable between 4, 1 and 1/4 w, this is a cool practice amp. I threw a EP Booster in front of it, which enhanced the sound. Takes other pedals well. May swap he tube for something that doesn't break-up as early.

Sure I have amps hat sounds way better, but for its purpose, I am very pleased.


I LOVE mine. Its by far the best of the small amps ive played. The attenutator is really useful for me. I know it gets a lot of hate on the quarter watt setting around here and I have no idea why. When turn it to a quarter watt you have to turn the tone knob. It wont sound goid using the same tone at 1/4 watts that you do at 4. No brainer really. I had a chance to plug it in to a 4 12" cabinet and I was blown away. So good! It is a hair boxy with a 10" speaker for me though. Dont really love tens though. Unless theres four of them! I have evil plans to buy the 12 cab and turn it into a combo cab

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