Funk/blues/jazz guy (me) picks up tapping!


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I've been working for some time on various ways to play rapid, repeating figures (pentatonic mostly) like a sax might do. I've been working on a variety of techniques to achieve this: economy picking, pick and fingers, legato, 3-note-per-string pentatonics.

In learning to play Beat It for my band, I was presented with the challenge of fretboard tapping. After working on it for a little while, the light bulb went off! I learned that tapping is a very effective way to play 3 or 4 note pentatonic patterns. Further more, it is pretty easy. Much easier than much of the other techniques I have been practicing, at least.

I'm a blues-based player that incorporates a lot of jazz concepts into my playing. I may be at the entry way into a new area of technique with this tapping business. There are clearly new sounds and options available with this.

For discussion, are there any jazz/fusion/blues guys that use tapping (other than Stanley Jordan)? What are they doing with the technique? How do you do it?

It would be cool to see some guys tapping in ways other than for metal. Videos?


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