Funky grooves with backing track


These are four takes on the same backing track with identical amp/speaker/mike setups. The only diff. is that I did not use the Brick Preamp on two of them.

suhr guitar with the Brick preamp

Suhr guitar without the brick preamp (protools focusrite was used)

Baker B1 without Brick preamp (protools focusrite was used)

Baker B1 With the Brick Pre amp

Funky Backing Track

I think the backing is by Marion (sp) from the gear page.

The recording chane is:
Fuchs 50 slx
wizzard speaker
Suhr or Baker B1
E609 silver
Brick pre amp or Focusrite preamp
digi 01 protools
protools running on a sweetwater pc

added delay and reverb at the amp

comments are welcome

thanks for listening



I would have expected the 'brick' version to sound leagues better, but IMO it did not. The clips without the brick sound just as good as when you used the 'brick'.

In terms of tone and playing... nice job!

I play Suhr, sooooo you can guess which guitar I liked the best!

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