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Future Soloway musings...


Gold Supporting Member
Hi everyone,

First from the bottom of my heart I have to thank everyone for all the support and tremendous response that Jim and I were lucky enough to receive here and at the aaacgc show. Thank you all so much! Very luck to be part of this!

So, a continuation of our original thread the plan for Soloway is not mess with a perfect recipe. They are a great addition to my Kauer line bringing their own unique voice to the family.

What I am thinking hard about is there are some things that have been offered at one point that I'd like to see maybe come back. This is most notably 7 string-extended scale models.

Right now, there is absolutely nothing in my Kauer lineup that is (or will likely ever be in the near future) of the 7string/27" variety and I have had a few people ask if these are coming back. The answer is, YES. For now they will be on request only but absolutely.

Same goes for the extended scale in general, we will always continue to offer it, most likely on an as-ordered basis for the next few months.

I also have a couple idea's brewing in the hardware department based on a few emails... we will see how the logistics work out.

I am really open to idea's and suggestions though. I can't promise we can accommodate everyone of them but I just want to continue to see the Soloway family of guitars do nothing but improve under our guidance.

So, if you have something in mind, tell us! (and yes, someone already asked if we'd do a formica top Swan :rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao... yes we can :rotflmao:omg)

Thanks everyone! Anyone who has been waiting for the 7 stringers to come back, email me ( doug@solowayguitars.com ) for some incentive pricing offers.


Gold Supporting Member
Absolutely Kirk. I think we're going to start gearing the Gosling towards being primarily a single coil frame (or NYA) with the HB version being the Soloway Signature model.

The nice thing is the Gosling-SC really fills a gap that nothing else in either brand really fills.

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