Fuzz Box Girl needs help, please donate


Some of you may recall a while back that FBG was in a car wreck that left her badly injured and her car totaled. I PM'd her and told her I wanted to send her some money to help her out.

She turned me down at first, but I talked her into taking my help. She needs more than just my help though, she had no insurance and has huge medical bills, not to mention a new car. Last year I had a serious medical experience and would not have gotten through it without help from my friends and even some strangers. I want to pass the karma so to speak along to FBG.

She has placed a donation link on her website. Please if you can afford anything it will be of great help to her. She also has t-shirts and other stuff for sale if you want something for your money.

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Thanks for posting this. I was on her website recently and saw that she had been quiet. Didn't notice the donation link and wouldn't have known what is was for in any event.

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