Fuzz pedal being weird...

Hey guys!

So I got this fuzz pedal called the Fuzzhugger Absynth. I absolutely love it, it's perfect for what I need, but it acts kind of weird sometimes. It's really noisy, which is not a big deal, but whenever I turn it on, there's a half second stall before the effect actually kicks in. One day I played it at my church, and my amp started making these weird sounds when i plugged my efects in. It sounded kind of like an electric shock. My pedals never made sounds like that when I played at church before, but that was the first time I played at that particular church.The absynth didn't sound as good either, it sounded more sterile. When I plugged it in back at home afterwards, it sounded fine. One of the problems might be that I use a daisy chain with my effects, but I wanted your guys' opinion. Any ideas how i could solve these problems?

Here's a link to the fuzz pedal:

Thanks for the help!


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