Fuzz Pedals Add Hum When Off


I recently went through my pedal board on a quest to find pedals that were causing excess noise. I run a strat through a cranked jcm800 so any noise early in the chain becomes really prominent. I noticed that my two hartman pedals, an 8va octafuzz clone and a rangemaster treblebooster both inject a low hum into my signal when the pedals are DISENGAGED. The hartman pedals run on batteries, so they dont share a power supply with all of my other pedals that run on a pedal power 2. Any ideas what could cause this?

Glitch Magnet

Are they true bypass?

It may not be the pedals, but the wiring. Try repositioning the cables to see if there's a change.

Is there a power supply near these pedals? Most power supplies emit EMI that can get induced into the cabling and amplified downstream.

Even using batteries, you can get a ground loop if there's any metal-to-metal contact between pedals or the connected cabling.

Verify the pedal enclosures are properly grounded. If the hum gets louder when touching the pedal or footswitch, it's probably not.

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