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Fuzzheads: your list of essential circuits/pedals.


Lots of fuzzy pedals:
JAM Fuzz Phrase, Fulltone 69 big box, Keeley Royal Blues OC44
Klinger Buzz Fuzz - original red
Arcane Analog Buzzaround NKT213
Lovepedal MK12 germanium
Wren and Cuff Trie Pie and Violet World
Keeley Charing Cross and other germanium fuzzes
Pigdog tonebenders and Fuzzbound
Castledine tonebenders and V2 Muff
Skinpimp Buzzarounds and MK I tonebenders
Jext Telez Dizzy Tones
AnalogMan MKIV
Lumpy's Tonebenders
ProAnalog Tonebenders - lots
Bad Pixel fuzzes
Super Electric fuzzes
Hudson Electronics tonebenders
ZVex Fuzz Factory 7
Basic Audio Gnarly Fuzz
Creepy Fingers Fuzzfight
other ...

blast the fuzzes into really good Analog delay's
a Hughs and Kettner Rotosphere can also add a nice touch
a good tube amp with a good speaker such as a Swart, Tungsten, 65 Amps, ...
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Lots of Muffs -
EHX NYC Reissue
EHX Nano
EXH Russian Reissue
BAT Pharaoh
BAT Pharaoh Supreme
EQD Hoof
Wren & Cuff Eye See Pi
Abdominal Electronics Hail Satan
Basic Audio Tri/Ram

A few other for variety -
noiseKICK FX Lazer Cat
Z Vex Mastotron
Dunlop Band of Gypsys chrome mini
Dunlop Silicone Fuzzface mini
Ramble Effects Twin Bender
Lovepedal MK 12

J.Eric B

1. Fuzz Face
2. Solas Tone Bender
3. Big Muff
4. Foxx Tone Machine
6. Fat Fuzz Factory

Not necessarily the original pedal $$$, Lots of awesome clones for most of these.
I’m waiting for the Opamp Muff reissue, so stoked. I’ve been checking everyday to see if it’s shipped.


Everyone should have at least one variety of fuzz face and one variety of big muff IMO.

My personal favorite fuzz’s are zvex fuzz factory, fulltone 69, and atm hoof reaper. also love eqd bit commander if you count that as a fuzz strictly speaking


I started out the year with a Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz v1, which is a Frantone Peach Fuzz clone.

I picked up a Barber Trifecta in a trade from a TGPer with a warning that it'd just make me want to try more.

Since then, I bought an EQD Hoof, Walrus Audio Jupiter v1, traded for an EQD Park Fuzz, bought a JHS Muffuletta, and now I've just bought another Hoof.

The Hoof lost out to the Trifecta simply because the Trifecta had more flexibility. The Trifecta lost out to the Jupiter, and the Jupiter lost out to the Muffuletta. In the end, I realized that I really liked the Hoof. The Jupiter doesn't play well with the '57s in my Les Paul Classic, but they sounded fantastic with the Dragon 2s that were in the PRS SC250 I had before trading that off.

The Park Fuzz is different than all of those, but isn't the type of fuzz that my ears prefers, and it's on the block to help fund the new Hoof. I probably should keep it just to have a different sound available, but I don't run fuzz as my primary gain type, so I'm not sure I can justify that.

TL;DR - I like muff style fuzzes.


Union Tube & Transistor BUZZ Bomb
Prescription Electronics Experience
Analogman Sunbender MKIV with mullies
Analogman Sunface 2SB-175
MC-FX Super Fuzz
MC-FX Little Big Fuzz

Muffs Tonebenders and FFs

Superfuzz and Muff are my favs


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Fuzz Faces:

Diaz Texas Square Face
Cornell White Dot NKT275 Fuzz Face
Chase Tone RRR Fuzz Face
Analogman Sun Face NKT275 White Dot Med Gain
BJFE Sparkle Face
DAM Meathead Deluxe
Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver
Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe

Castledine V2
All the Skreddy(s)?​

Blanket Jackson

is Tio's favorite
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I may have missed it, but I don't believe that I saw a single Spaceman pedal on anyone's list ....
Hmmmm .....
Maybe they are not as essential or encompassing as many have previously professed?

White Buffalo

Kay Fuzz Tone
Pete Cornish NG-2/3
ZVex Fuzz Factory (ideally spam can)
Big Muff variant of some kind
TB Mk II variant of some kind
DBA Supersonic Fuzz Gun
Buzzaround variant of some kind

forget about fuzz faces and all that other trash, you don't want that.


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In addition to the great pedals already mentioned, I would add the Mojo Hand Crosstown (a great fuzz), and the 65 Amps Colour Face (superb). I think the Wren & Cuff Germanium Your Face has already been mentioned, but I will agree that it is tremendous!


I'd like to pick up an op amp. I like the Corgan demo. Generally, I'm hot and cold with muffs. There are times I love them, and times where it's the total opposite. I need to find one with a mid knob.
Check out the Blackout Effectors Musket v2. Bosh.


I love my Arctic White Fuzz. Best fuzz I've had to date. I'm also digging my BYOC Large Triangle muff. I like my Classic 108 MXR fuzz, too, but not as much as the others.


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I may have missed it, but I don't believe that I saw a single Spaceman pedal on anyone's list ....
Hmmmm .....
Maybe they are not as essential or encompassing as many have previously professed?
I’ve owned well over 100 fuzzes at this point and have, I think, about 30 around right now.

The Titan II is still one of the most regular that goes out on my board, versatile, cleanup, and you can boost it from in front or behind. Plays well with most everything and you can put it pretty much anywhere in the chain.

Nothing does what the Sputnik does, either.

The BA Right Fuzz is another great workhorse for me.

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