FX Loop differences: JHS Panther Cub vs. DMMTT


Hi folks,

I don't own either of these pedals but I'm considering getting an analog delay with an FX loop (so open to other proposals; the smaller the better :) Looking at the reviews and sound examples, it seems to me that the fx loops of these pedals behave differently.

If you put an octave up pedal in the Panther Cub, it seems to me you only get the octave up ONCE, as in the delayed notes are all a single octave up from the original note.

However, the DMMTT seems to run the resulting repeat over and over through the fx loop, hence going an octave up with each repeat, getting further away from the original note.

Can any of you confirm these behaviours?



Senior Member
I had a DMMTT1100 and confirm the effect will be applied to each repeats more and more.

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