G.bensons Laid Back Turnarounds. How To Play Out.


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No one is better than this guy. Yes hes the master chopmeister and picker. Yes he can burn over changes faster than anyone.
But taste and feel you want? Forget it. No one is better at that either. Start around 2:36, then he stops scatting along and gets serious around 3:00. Listen to those lines, and the FEEL!! :eek::eek::eek: There has to be a best. You keep going and going, and finally you run out of people.....and there is George sitting there. Lol!
Just listen to this right to the end. It's not the chops, the scales, the Barry Harris, the Dominant or tonic....its the imagination and creativity in the mind. That's where he has it. Just check this out.
Laid back with his thumb. No flash, no speed, just sheer musical feel and talent dripping out of every pure. There is everyone else, and there's Benson. Listen and enjoy! Goose bump time!
2:36....sip, relax and enjoy. Intoxicating sounds by the best...


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