Sold G&L ASAT Classic


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Here is an ASAT Classic in excellent condition. Fullerton red with a dark rosewood board. This is the best Tele I've ever owned, and I've had Grosh, Fender and Anderson T styles. This one just kills. But I am gunning for a big buy, so I have to thin the herd.

This ASAT has been upgraded with Florance pickups (amazing) and a Callaham bridge with compensated brass saddles. This guitar does rock and country with ease. Really nails that Stones-y Tele tone, if you want it.

Comes with COA (signed by Mrs. Fender), spec sheet and G&G hardshell case.

$800 pp'd/shipped. Only trades would be toward a Les Paul or Firebird. I have an SG and Flexi 50 listed as well, and I'm happy to do 2:1 or 3:1 trades. I can also add cash.

Thanks for looking.

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