G&L bi-cut neck with hairline crack at the seam


35-year-old bass. G&L used to make necks with a seam longitudinally slightly off center. Supposed to strengthen and prevent warping. Well, the neck had too much relief, and I had to add a washer on the truss rod to get it right, and maybe I had to tighten it a lot to finally get the relief within spec. Can't remember exactly, it was a year ago. But today I noticed a hairline crack from the nut to the first fret along that seam on the fretboard side of the neck. Do I just wick thin wood glue in there while it's under tension and then loosen the truss rod and strings and clamp it and don't worry? Or is this neck gonna blow up on me regardless?


Oh look! This is a thing I can change!
Peavey used to build necks like that and they would have the same cracks form at the truss rod anchor.

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